More Exciting Items are Coming Soon!
More Exciting Items are Coming Soon!
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Welcome to Rain Our luxury design and fashion brand dedicated to the creation of ethical fabrics and accessories for fashion, interior design, and admirers.

Here you will find unique products that create from our 100% handmade; hand-loomed and hand-woven silk and cotton fabric from talented artisans in Thailand. Most of them are over 60 years old and are working from home creating their beautiful textiles in the traditional ways.

Our silk is one of the finest mulberry silk you could imagine available in the world. However, the beauty of our handcrafted textile is its imperfections. Those slubs on the smooth silky texture are the proof of the authenticity of its being human-made.

Some of our collections are a one-of-a-kind piece e.g. Batik Ikat Silk collection. The Traditional Ikat woven silk has been carefully washed to remove the existing colors. It is then dip-dyed using Batik (the tub dye) Technique to create unique colors and patterns on the original Ikat Silk. However, the original Ikat pattern still appears randomly, within the fabric, after the dyeing process. This creates an impressive, unique pattern which adds interesting textures to the silk. This is a unique product which is not available elsewhere. We are also able to offer the beautiful, original material in a variety of thicknesses and textures to meet individual requirements.

Our organic cotton is grown locally by villagers. Hand-picked then hand-dyed using natural colors from plants and flower that also locally sourced.

We have a great selection of natural (undyed), indigo dyed, and natural dyed cotton products to offer.

If you are looking for a special gift why not choose our natural dyed mud scarf or shawl that has been dipped in a 200 years old blessing mud to adds super soft feeling to textile itself without any harsh chemicals involved in the process of making it. Super safe and Super special. For more luxury option, why not see our pretty selection of handmade silk scarf that hand-picked for you from the weavers.

Our luxury premium products are the perfect choices for those who care for the world, for nature, and for the loved ones. Our uniquely create gifts will ensure to impress any receivers.

Lots of love and care,

Rain Ogilvie